We help, support, inform, accompany

… women and girls in case of (sexualized) violence, rape, abuse, molestation, and harassment.

There are no requirements for contacting us.

It doesn’t matter if the assault happened years ago or is still continuous, if it has been reported or not, if you want to report it or not … We support you!

There are no cases of assault “too minor” to seek help. If it weights you down, you are entitled to be supported with

  • Free and (if preferred) anonymous counseling
  • You decide how much information you share
  • You decide how to proceed, and we will support you according to your preferences
  • We can accompany you to court or to the police
  • We can support you in finding other facilities and professionals (e.g., therapists)
  • We also counsel relatives, friends, and partners of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence

We Need You

We need you – attentive and willing to notice violence where it is committed and to intervene in a supportive manner.

We need you – willing to clearly stand against sexual and gender-based violence.

If you’re interested to join and support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would be very happy if you’d like to support our efforts ideally or financially, actively, or passively.